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Maxim Antiperspirant Deodorant roll on
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Maxim Antiperspirant | Deodorant for Hyperhidrosis.

Common antiperspirants are produced massively and are addressed to the average person but have unsatisfactory results for any person suffering from Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Maxim Antiperspirant was designed specifically to be used for that purpose and relieve from the symptoms of excessive sweating.

Having been approved by the USA FDA and European law it is guaranteed to safely improve your standard of living, dealing with excessive sweat and its frustrating symptoms in your daily routine, social contacts and activities.

Antiperspirants Maxim and Maxim Sensitive are widely used for many years now with great success in dealing with excessive sweating, body sweat and hyperhidrosis.
Hundreds of satisfied customers who previously suffered from sweat problems have been overwhelmed by the results of Maxim and Maxim Sensitive antiperspirants.

Maxim antiperspirant/deodorant is imported from the USA and is completely safe as it has been approved both by the FDA and E.U. laws. Tested to be safe for your skin and with no alcohol present in order to avoid skin irritation. Easy to use roll-on applicator.

Proven to last longer than common antiperspirants as average weekly usage (depending on the person's condition) is 2-3 times.

Also available in sensitive form.

Please apply Maxim and Maxim Sensitive antiperspirants according to instructions included.

(Ingredients: Aluminum Chloride, Aminomethyl Propanol, Polyquartenium-37, Purified Water)

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Maxim Sensitive Antiperspirant

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